What a dilemma uh? You’re an old racing arcade games lover, but you can’t be racing against your friends unless you play online in the 8-bit emulators. What´s the point of having retro classic games if you need internet connection to play?
Welcome to a real classic car avoidance game, built in the purest vintage old 8-bit gaming style that pleases even the fussiest fans of endless racing genre!
Feeling nostalgic? Stop looking your old game & get ready to bring back the old times straight to your Android device! Drive all day long thru the highway with annoying traffic is here! Tap to switch between the lanes, collect coins spread on the road & the most important: avoid the traffic without crashing with the slower cars! The roads are one way lanes highway simulations so you’ll have to train your skills for developing a professional racer road crossing technique. Sounds easy? As you drive longer distances, your car speed will increase, making your reflexes face the hardest test!Collect cash to unlock faster cars & the coolest buggy collection, you can park all of them in your garage.
🚨🚧🚨 Begin your driving adventure with no limits! Race, dodge & switch lanes like a boss to become the King of the asphalt! Download NOW Taprider: Race & Drive Ahead – Racing Retro Arcade Available Now for FREE!! 🚨🚧🚨
Think you’re an expert racer? Nothing compares to the challenge that this old-fashioned arcade represents! Begin your career to achieve the title of from zero to 100 hero! Smash your car against other racers to take them out of the road. Do you have what it takes to make your reflexes mark a difference while racing against other drivers? Let the long distance race begin & enjoy the ride! Take it slowly, calm down and try until you gain enough experience to overcome your distance covered records; our reward system will grant you some helpful benefits and boosters for your cars.
🏁 🚥🏁 The Driving Madness & Lane Shifting Mania is back! Play the Best Endless Highway Avoiding Traffic Arcade Challenge! Download NOW Taprider: Race & Drive Ahead – Racing Retro Arcade for Free!!! 🏁 🚥🏁
Our game version features stunning 8-bit retro effects with great arcade sound effects. Our game will hit the top list of your favorite classic car games! Driving in a mini game at the purest old arcade style was never so entertaining! React fast to survive your race against the track and against other slow drivers crossing in your way. Forget about racing thousands of laps on a circuit; the toughest proof is to hang on traveling longer distances each time! Find out all this comeback lane arcade racer game has to offer & begin to enjoy endless hours of great entertainment.

Taprider: Race & Drive Ahead – Racing Retro Arcade Features:
🛣 Detailed 8 bit Vintage Graphics
🛣 One-Touch & One-Hand Control
🛣 Race against your friends!
🛣 Achievements & Online Leaderboards
🛣 Reward System that helps you improve your cars
🌟 We Love to See the Great Classics Back & FREE! Download Taprider: Race & Drive Ahead – Racing Retro Arcade

NOW!! 🌟

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